Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Cabin Special at Ash Grove

This is our new ad for our winter cabin special:

Ash Grove
2009 Winter Cabin Special

$50 & MORE Gift Certificate(s) OR
Cash Discount up to $100

Get amazing savings at your favorite vacation spot! By staying with us in any cabin, for 2 or 3 nights in the months of Jan or Feb, 2009, you receive a $50 gift certificate that you can use on a future stay, or give as a gift to friends or relatives. If you stay 4 - 6 nights, you receive an additional $50 gift certificate. And, if you stay 7 nights or more, you get 3 gift certificates, for a grand total of $150 in savings! That's more than a night FREE in any of our cabins, but you can also use them for camping. OR take $30 off the price of a 2 or 3 night stay, $60 off 4-6 nights and $100 off a stay of 7 nights or more.Don't miss out on this amazing deal--call and book your cabin for a winter wonderland vacation at Ash Grove. Call Ash Grove at 828-885-7216 or visit our website

Special applies to new reservations only.
Not valid with other specials or discounts.

The fine print for gift certificate use

Reservations required & subject to availability. Valid for cabins or camping.
Not valid on :Memorial & Labor Day weekends, or stays including the days of
July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Eve.
Not redeemable for cash. No change given.
No expiration date, but if not used by 12/31/2010, certificate must be renewed

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brevard, NC Christmas Parade

Brevard held its 2008 Christmas Parade on Sat, 7 Dec. Mark and I were 2 of the judges (thanks Kim, for being the 3rd). This was the best parade in Brevard that we have seen since we attended our first one in 2002--that year, there were fire trucks, Girl &Boy Scout troops and not much else. Some of this year's floats could easily hold their own in a big-city parade. We had 5 trophies to give out, but there were several additional deserving entries. A non-winner that we really liked was the Strykes Again Family Fun Center entry. It was a tinsel-covered old limousine, that the Strykes Again owners said should get the "Tackiest Float" award (unfortunately, that wasn't a category). After the parade, was Twilight Tour, where the downtown merchants hold open house, with refreshments, entertainment, etc. Over 1000 luminarias lit the sidewalks and our courthouse provided a backdrop for the festivities.

The Reluctant Santa (Collection, that is)

I started putting up our holiday decorations at Ash Grove today. My favorite decoration is our collection of tall, skinny Santas (we call them our Anorexic Santas). We didn't start out to have a collection, it just sort of happened. Mark has always liked the Green Man/Tree Spirit/Woodspirit type of carvings, and one year I found a holiday-themed one for a stocking stuffer. Then, somehow, the next year we both had one in our stockings. Now, we have 45 of them, or so (depending if you count the ones that are permanently attached together as 1 or multiple Santas, and technically, a couple of them aren't Santas, but let's not get nitpicky). Personally, I think that they multiply in secret during the Summer while they are in their storage box. We have slowed down in acquiring them--in the past few years they have been hard to find. There are plenty of tall, skinny snowmen to be found, but we don't have a snowman collection, nor do we want to start one. Maybe the Santas will come back into fashion, since the Idea Police think that fat Santas are not good role models for kids.