Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Camping

In spite of the cold temperatures, (upper 20s at night, mid 40s daytime), we have several campers here this weekend--both tent and RV camping. Some regular campers, Mark and Michael, came a couple of weekends ago when the temp got down to 14 degrees on Friday night. When they made the reservation, they said that they new it was going to be cold. But, knowing the cold and tolerating it are 2 different things. On Saturday morning they stopped by the office and asked if we had a cabin available (we did), so they spent their 2nd night toasty by the gas log fireplace in the cabin.
This weekend, one of our tent campers, Tonya, is here for her 3rd visit since October. The Oct. trip was the first time that she had ever camped, and she loved it. She made the reservations for the 2nd visit while still here on their first. This is her birthday weekend--she said that there is nowhere that she would rather spend her birthday than at Ash Grove. We have had many cabin and camping guests that have returned to Ash Grove again and again for the special occasions of their lives. It makes us feel good that we are a part of their celebrations.

Friday, January 16, 2009


As is happening with much of the US, the coldest weather in years is upon us. Last night it got down to 7 degrees and today's high was only 28. It is supposed to get down to 4 tonight. Thank goodness for fleece and handwarmers! We haven't really had any snow this season--just a few flurries, enough to lightly cover the ground, but not the roads. We average 3 snowfalls per year here in Brevard, each with 4-6". The state of NC is really good about clearing the mountain roads after a snowfall. When snow is predicted, they park plows and sand trucks at the tops of the mountains and start clearing the roads before the snow has even finished. Most of the roads are cleared within 4 or 5 hours after a snow. The one exception was 4 (I think) years ago, when we had 6" of snow and Charlotte, North Carolina's largest city had 17". Every snowplow in the state headed there first, so it was about a day and a half before we had clear roads. Much of the time, it snows after we have had some warm temps, so it doesn't even stick to the roads, just on the mountainsides and valleys--absolutely gorgeous, but no problems getting around, then gone in a few days--my kind of snow!

(This is Hickory Hideaway, our 2 bedroom cabin during Martin Luther King weekend of 2008, in about 6" of snow)

The Santa Collection Update (see Dec post)

Thanks to Brenda and Sylvia who read our post about having difficulty finding the Anorexic Santas--they sent us 4 of the duplicates from their collection! And I found a couple at Brevard's new Goodwill Store before xmas, so the collection does continue to grow.