Monday, June 29, 2009

What Happened to Spring!?!?!?

Usually we ease into our busy season starting in late spring and peaking in July. We slammed into the busy season in April and haven't let up since, hence the lack of blog posts the past few weeks.
I hardly had time to enjoy spring and summer is here already. My weekly hikes have become monthly hikes. My June hike was last week and I did some trails in Pisgah Forest in the Turkey Pen Gap area. One trail, Riverside, had 8? 10? 12? river crossings of knee height or so. That kept me cool on a warm, muggy day. A nice picnic by the stream....if only I'd had time for a nap.

One of our campers wrote a wonderful review of Ash Grove, with some great photos. Here is the link

Gotta run!