Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now It's the Middle of July!

This has been our busiest year yet (working on our 7th year in business!) With over 45% of our guests coming back again and again, it has been great getting to visit with old friends and making new ones.
For the most part, the weather has been perfect for the past couple of weeks--daytime temps in the upper 70s with a nice breeze, and nighttime lows around 60--aaahhhh! life in the mountains.
I went on a great little afternoon getaway a week or so ago. I took a short hike on a little-used trail in Pisgah Forest to a waterfall that is off the trail. I sat by the waterfall with a book--it was so refreshing. I had a little picnic on a huge boulder at the edge of the river. The only thing missing was a nap (and maybe a bottle of wine!). The sun was reflecting off the water and rocks, so I wasn't able to get a good photo the falls--maybe next time.
Our last check-in of the day just arrived.......